Programme Open Call: Add your event to Prague Pride festival

Programme Open Call: Add your event to Prague Pride festival

Prague Pride festival is looking for new programme partners. Do you have an idea fitting this year’s theme and strategy? Fill in the form unitl 6th may and we’ll get back to you.

Do you devote yourself to human rights, activism, are you an artist or able to organize an enticing event for your community? If you lack the space and opportunity to show your skills and talent, we have a great news for you: Prague Pride festival announces an Open call for new programme partners!

We’re primarily looking for a new and original programme, which is for example virtual reality, immersive and experience events, modern performative art, interactive education etc. However, if you have an important topic for a debate and are able to bring great guests, we can make it work too. Just don’t forget that your programme has to follow the festival strategy and goals and correspond with the theme.

Festival theme

This year’s festival will be primarily devoted to human rights in Eastern and Central Europe. Our goal is to inform about what life conditions there are for LGBTQ+ people in countries like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia or Ukraine. We don’t want to just point out the negative aspects of the situation but also to celebrate the rich queer culture of these countries and introduce the work their communities create in spite of the negative geopolitical situation.

Czech Republic stands on the edge between the “western” and “eastern” world view. We want to point out the differences between the life of queer people in Poland and for example in Germany. Which way will the Czech Republic take? And how to manage the situation? There are many situations and things around us which are “on the edge”, regardless of the place we live in. What is it for you? What is on the edge and what is already over it? Some of the things that we consider to be on the age are ecology, censorship, bodyshaming, aggression, or chemsex.


In the previous years there was a great visitor response to many events, for example to those in the photos below. It doesn’t mean, though, that you have to organize an event costing a ton of money. :)

How to register

Do you have an idea? Can you make it work and present it to the public? Register your event by filling in our form until 6th may and we will get back to you. We will arrange a meeting and work out the details. We love new ideas and want the programme to be truly varied, so everyone can enjoy it.

However, it means that we carefully choose all the events and pay attention to the content and production quality. At the same time, we make sure there are no overlaps of similar events resulting in unnecessary competition. That means we won’t organize three retro-parties in one day, for example.

Please, apply for the participation until 6th may.

We can’t wait to work with you! :)